Water access assessment program

The current database is one of the components of the project titled "Improvement of the living conditions of the population of the West Bank, Occupied Palestinian Territory, which suffers from a chronic water shortage by the improvement of the preparation and response capacity of national and international actors to deal with this crisis"funded by Ayuntamiento Zaragoza through Asamblea de Cooperacion por la Paz (ACCP) and implemented by Palestinian Hydrology Group (PHG). The project under its phase 1 has assessed the water and sanitation situation in twelve communities while in its phase 2 has assessed 115 communities in the West Bank to highlight the main obstacles and to propose appropriate response that could address these obstacles through providing updated information to all agencies working in the WASH sector in Palestine.

To use this query builder one can follow these instructions to retrieve the desired output as follows:

Step I: Query by Community / District / Region

1- You can select a specific community (i.e. village) or a set of communities according to a certain criteria, and to do so one might provide one of the following selections:
*- Select a region (i.e. either Gaza or WestBank) then select a district then the specific community.
*- if the user didn't select a specific community then the query will be built for all communities inside the selected district.
*- if the user didn't select a specific district then the query will be built for all communities inside the selected region.
*- finally if a region is not selected then the query will be built for all communities in both West Bank and Gaza..

Step II: Query by Criteria: After making the query in step I, query builder is separated into multiple sections A, B, C, D, etc.


Section A- General Information: a user can specify what general field (related to the selected communities) to fetch. However,

*- Community ID and Community's English Name are always fetched by default.
*- For Survey Date a user can select a date range to filter the results even more (i.e. a start date and an end date).
*- For WASH Monitoring Project a user can choose to fetch only the results that are either aWASH Monitoring Project or not.
*- Finally a user can choose to show the phase (either one or two).

Section B, C, D, .. etc:

*- Each field has an enable or drop list to choose from.
*- Some fields allow number of operations (ex. greater than) and these operations are applied on the inputted data.
***- if a user didn't select any operation then the input will be fetched without applying any operation.

*- if the enabled checkbox is not selected then this field will not be fetched at all!
*- if a specific filed is checked - enabled, then you can only fetch this field without performing any operations on it.
*- for all fields that have a Yes/No value, one can fetch the field as it is (i.e. without operation) by not selecting a value.
***- for these Yes/No fields if a value is provided then the results will be filtered according to that.

A - General Information
 Community ID  Community E.Name  Community A.Name
 Population  Governorate  Community Type
 Survey Date
 Phase 1  Phase 2
B- Sanitation and Hygiene Information
Operation Value
C- Water Quality
D- Water Information
1- Water sources
Operation Value
2- Water services
Operation Value
E- Water Supply Obstacles
Operation Value
1- WaSH activities
 Get WaSH activities
2- Needs
3- Comments
 Enable Sort